Roosevelt Neighborhood

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Located between Green Lake, Wedgwood, Ravenna, and Maple Leaf, the Roosevelt neighborhood runs from Ravenna Boulevard to the south, to 75th Street to the north, and 15th Ave NE to the east, and 8th Ave NE to the west.

Roosevelt was developed after the invention of the automobile, and the influence from its already established neighbor to the south, Ravenna. Both communities were heavily shaped by the University of Washington, and the academic culture that sprouted up around it.

Roosevelt’s main thoroughfare, Roosevelt Way, was originally called 10th Ave, but after Theodore Roosevelt’s death in 1919, the community opted to rename it to commemorate the late president. Roosevelt High School, which opened in 1922, was also named in his honor.

Today Roosevelt is a diverse community with an eclectic atmosphere that combines a thriving residential and business community, with the busy foot traffic of a hub through North Seattle.