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Tucked between Loyal Heights, Greenwood, Broadview and Blue Ridge, Crown Hill is often thought of as a north Ballard suburb in the city—the neighborhood boasts just 7,000 residents.

Crown Hill has long been noted for its trees. When surveyors first walked through the area in the mid-1850s, they noted that the land was rife with Western red cedar, Western hemlock conifers, and Douglas fir—some as wide as four feet in diameter. When Ballard city residents voted to annex the town to the city of Seattle in 1907, Crown Hill was still a relatively untouched area. The land was set aside for residential development, yet few settlers had built homesteads there.

As the surrounding neighborhood of Ballard grew, Crown Hill saw an influx of settlers, and because of its rolling topography, many built dairy farms, orchards, and other agricultural businesses, which predominated the area through the 1940s. While many of these original farm houses can still be seen throughout Crown Hill, the farms themselves were gradually subdivided into smaller lots after World War II.

Today the neighborhood is home to many historic landmarks, including the Crown Hill Cemetery, located in the heart of the community, at NW 87th Street and 12th Ave NW. The cemetery was established in 1902 and became the namesake for the community that later flourished around it.

Crown Hill’s main retail establishments are located around Holman Road, 15th Ave NW, and 85th Ave NW, which run through the neighborhood, connecting it to Ballard to the south, Greenwood to the east, and North Seattle.

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